Rental Options

We have rental and purchase plans to suit everyone. Whether your business is small, medium or large we have the rental or purchase plan to suit.

Rental is definitely a preferred solution when your requirement is for short period. The capital outlay for purchase is uneconomical. For medium and long term periods the decision to rent is always a difficult one. The benefits of rental as detailed on this website require consideration prior to making the final decision. There are aspects such as taxation, which make rental more attractive. When considering spreading the cost of purchase of the equipment by choosing one of our purchase plans, you can spread the rental purchase period over a longer period.

Our Purchase Options and Purchase Plans enable investments to be spread over a period of time as well as enabling you to easily assess the product before making the final commitment.

Details of the plans are under Rental and Purchase Plans and if in doubt, we are just a phone call away and we will be delighted to assist you in making your decision.

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Rental Plans

Rental periods vary from one day onwards to three years. We offer fixed period rental plans making the cost of your exposure minimised. Such plans are ideal for that special one-off presentation, meeting or sales pitch.

In general the choice of plan will be dictated by the minimum time you require the equipment.

Other factors that could be considered may be the preference for either weekly or monthly billing and the possibility that you might wish to extend hire.

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Purchase Plans

This plan allows you to spread the cost of purchasing equipment over a longer period, so your regular monthly rental payments can be off-set against the final purchase price.

This plan is available on a minimum three months rental period.

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Purchase Option Plan (EPOP)

This plan is designed to enable you to purchase the equipment currently on hire.

The price is determined by the current value of the goods and by how much rental has already been paid. In other words – the longer the rental before purchase, the larger the rebate against the purchase price.