Benefits of Rental

Short term projects

Projects such as running Training Courses, Exhibitions Stand and Events frequently opt for a short term rental solution. Maintenance of the equipment, efficient installation and hassle free service allows customers to focus on business critical activities rather than technical problems and logistics. Investment in the outright purchase of technology hurts the balance sheet and is extremely costly for short-term projects. Rental allows for flexibility in business options and provides the support needed to add value to a project.


The industry is renowned for rapid technological advancement and continuous disruptive innovations. Technological break-through might be good for the industry as a whole however they can be bad news if your business is not quick to adapt to these opportunities. The change forces redundant equipment, which generally has a value on your books that needs writing off. Eliminates worries of maintenance of equipment and software upgrades.

maintenance inclusive

Most electronic equipment will need maintaining at some stage of its life and invariably replacement parts outweigh the cost of repair. Our rental rates include maintenance. The cost of ownership when the manufacturer’s warranty period expires increases and when large numbers of units are concerned there is a substantial additional cost of supporting and the management overhead of downtime.

tax benefits

In accounting terms renting equipment is different to outright purchase. When renting, the costs can be charged directly against profit for taxation purposes. Outright purchase means capital allowances of only 25 percent a year can be claimed. Rental equipment is off balance sheet.


The long-term requirements and capabilities of computer or electronic equipment must be analysed before purchase. It is important that the product is right for the job at hand. This task is not always easy to accomplish, especially when these requirements can change. Rental enables evaluation before purchase and prevents you making the wrong decision.

efficient cash flow

Outright purchases mean a large capital outlay. Money spent could be spread at fractional payments over a longer period. This frees cash that could be used for investment in other areas.

rapid delivery

Our inventory coupled with fast, efficient dispatch facilities means next day delivery to most part of the UK and timed delivery to European destinations is assured. Our speed off the blocks means you’re up and running that much quicker.

support & backup

Our highly trained engineers are always at hand to assist you during your rental period and this means you can carry on working with complete confidence.